Virtual Asset Tracking

Virtual Asset Tracking

MDI offers Virtual Asset Tracking (VAT) as a service to easily and visually track physical and virtual assets online. VAT services bring together IT monitoring and asset tracking in a unique, innovative way that greatly improves administrators' ability to quickly locate and determine the status of IT assets.

Virtual Asset Tracking - Track Assets Easily and Visually Online

It is often the situation that these two aspects of IT do not inform each other, which creates an unfortunate rift between the real world and the IT world. Assets are often tracked manually with information growing out of date from information in real-time monitoring systems. Determining the current status of an asset becomes an effort of matching disparate asset identities between systems and manually searching for the current status on a monitoring dashboard. Physically locating an asset in need of immediate attention is often delayed by the same lack of synchronization.


  • Network Monitoring allows an IT organization and its service vendors to have an overview of operational status and to quickly realize and respond to events of degrees of severity.
  • Asset Tracking allows an IT organization to stay aware of the purpose and location of any physical or virtual asset, which can be anything with a unique identity: personnel, vehicles, inventory, networked devices, process machinery, data and other intellectual assets.


MDI's approach to asset tracking is to create a 2D or 3D virtual map based on real or idealized environments, such as a floor plan or 3D map of a facility, datacenter cage, or computer rack, or a concept or application or architecture diagram. Then, a direct link is established between the monitoring system's asset identity and a location within the virtual environment. Finally, the map is made available through a rich monitoring dashboard, which displays critical real-time asset information alongside the asset, creating a visual reference of all IT assets and their current status.


  • Create 2D or 3D maps based on real or idealized environments
  • Set up or link an existing IT monitoring system
  • Synchronize asset and location identities between both systems
  • Overlay asset monitoring information for a real-time view of the IT environment


MDI works directly with customers to determine the best approach to digitizing and designing a virtual asset tracking dashboard. CAD artists and engineers are available to develop a map that best meets the customer's needs. The user interface is tailored to the styles and workflow desired by the IT and facility operators. Asset locations can be informed by printed labels, RFID tags, or wireless real-time locating systems.


VAT can be delivered as a cloud service hosted by MDI, or a direct on-site software installation. Web-based or mobile interfaces are available. MDI can install and configure brand new system monitoring, ticketing (for incident response and history), or asset tracking systems. MDI can also work with existing solutions to bring them together, utilizing popular monitoring systems to propagate the success of well-established tools, an industry populated by experts, and best-in-class features required by the customer. A developer API is exposed to allow customers to build their own applications on top of MDI's VAT solution.


  • Track assets and statuses at sites around the globe through a single interface: inventory, vehicles, personnel, and networked or non-networked devices.
  • Use asset tags, barcodes, RFID tags, RTLS sensors, and other locating systems.
  • Create new assets or edit existing asset information online. Check assets in and out of locations.
  • Web-based or mobile interface. Enter an immersive virtual reality perspective of the environment, or overlay it on the real world with augmented reality.


Virtual Asset Tracking is a custom software development service offered by MDI. Please contact us to discuss how we can bring your organization online with Virtual Asset Tracking.