ClinicSmart PC

ClinicSmart PC

ClinicSmart PCs are modern desktop systems in a small footprint designed for medical environments and to assist in patient care. MDI has partnered with Rubbermaid Healthcare to provide ClinicSmart PCs and medical technology carts to more than 300 hospitals over 3 years. ClinicSmart PCs are used in telemedicine/telepresence solutions to bring technology and expert care to patients anywhere they are needed.


ClinicSmart PCs are designed with consideration for several important factors to medical environments:


  • Performance options ranging from levels appropriate for minimal desktop usage to power workstation applications. Low power options are optimal for cool and quiet operation and longer operation on battery power.
  • Support for up to two PCI-E add-on devices (ClinicSmart PC - TeleSmart).
  • Footprint as small as (H) 1-58" X (D) 6" X (W) 7-58" (ClinicSmart PC - Clinic IT).
  • Light weight allows for more versatile mounting and a greater weight budget on medical technology carts for peripherals. Mounting methods include standard VESA, custom enclosures, custom wall mounting, and swing arms.
  • Heat output suitable for enclosed or temperature-regulated environments. Low heat emission requires less fan cooling for quieter operation, which is ideal for noise-sensitive environments.


ClinicSmart PCs have been successfully integrated with the following peripherals (and many more):


  • Teleconferencing Cameras/Codecs: Cisco, Polycom, Sony, Lifesize, Minrray, and Logitech.
  • Microphones/Speakers: Jabra, Phoenix Quattro, Dell, Edifier, and ClearOne Chat.
  • Displays: Barco (medical-grade), Elo, Canvys, and LG. Touchscreen support available.
  • Keyboard/Mice: HP and Man & Machine.
  • Medical Devices: Welch Allyn, JEDMED, 3M Littmann Stethoscopes, and GlobalMed.
  • Networking: Cisco, Netgear, and Motorola.


Available ClinicSmart PC Models:


  • Clinic IT - Very small form factor: (H) 1-58" X (D) 6 " X (W) 7-58", designed for the greatest mobility, small footprint, low power consumption, and applications with fewer peripherals.
  • TeleSmart Mini - Small form factor (H) 2-12" X (D) 8-916" X (W) 7-38", a new generation of ClinicSmart PCs designed to offer some expansion capability even within tight space constraints.
  • TeleSmart - Small Form Factor (H) 2-12" X (D) 8-916" X (W) 12-18". A classic ClinicSmart PC design used to provide the greatest expansion capability (2 slots) within tight space constraints, while still capable of operating on battery power.


ClinicSmart PCs may be customized to suit any application. If you have questions about available options or are interested in a quotation, please call or provide your name, phone number, or e-mail and some details about your request in the form below to be contacted by a sales person.