Defense Solutions

Defense Solutions

For more than 20 years, MDI has been a supplier of custom computing solutions to the Defense industry with customers such as Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, Wegmann, CAE, and others. With that scope of experience serving the industry, MDI has developed many products, solutions, and services oriented towards the needs of Defense customers.


Custom IntegrationCustom Manufacturing and Integration Services - The most important aspect of MDI's experience with Defense customers is our flexibility in system design, adaptability to changing standards, and demanding quality requirements, and the ability to develop and produce new concepts at scale all while assuring quality, cost, and on-time delivery. Please see MDI's Manufacturing and Integration services to see how MDI approaches solution design and production for dynamic products.


Astrix Graphics Solutions - The greatest concentration of MDI's Defense industry customers are in the Simulation and Training field. High-end graphics systems are a cornerstone of any simulation application, and MDI has been developing graphics and other server systems for more than 15 years. All of that experience has been poured into the development of the Astrix Graphics product family. MDI recognizes the need for a dynamic product specification while maintaining a common set of core product requirements such as form factor, thermal performance, GPU-oriented design, and ease of serviceability. Astrix Solutions bring all of these aspects together to ensure that MDI can deliver the best, most flexible platform for graphics systems.


DocumentationMDIM Quality Assurance Program - Most Defense customers have a mandate to avoid proprietary technologies, taking advantage of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) or "open-market" components to reduce cost and development time for their solutions. However, there are many challenges associated with COTS -based products, such as security risks from open-market sources, the risk of counterfeit products, potential supply chain disruption, obsolescence, and revision control. MDI has specialized in integrating systems with open-market elements since its founding in 1988, and since 2013, MDI has developed a program to ensure the quality of solutions built with products called MDIM. MDIM is an extensive Quality Assurance program that addresses concerns around COTS-based products by ensuring uniformity and performance through hundreds of automated verification checks and other measures. Please see the MDIM section for a more detailed overview of MDIM services, available now for products developed by MDI and under development as a cloud service or privately-hosted service.


Product Integration and Service GuideSoftware Development Services - Many solutions are not complete without extensive customization, documentation, or specialized software. MDI offers development services for complimentary software to MDI solutions or standalone software based on project requirements. The project could be for interactive documentation, such as a Product Integration and Service Guide, a Knowledgebase/Wiki, or a management or monitoring interface through an API, CLI, Desktop, or Web interface. Please see our Software Development Services section for a more detailed overview of MDI's capabilities.