Teras Tn1000p/Ti1000p Portable SAN/NAS

Teras Tn1000p/Ti1000p Portable SAN/NAS

The Teras Tn1000p portable system is a mobile data capture system and high performance server built to run enterprise applications. It is ready to "plug in" to almost any environment, connect to SAN or NAS volumes, or direct-attached storage. The data may then be copied to its removable disks, and sent to a remote portable or docking station system, or shipped with the portable system to another site. The Tn1000p has an integrated LCD, keyboard and mouse so that it can be deployed with no external peripherals in any space available.


The Teras Ti1000p is a portable SAN/NAS system, designed for data migration, field applications and emergency backup and recovery. This high performance SAN and NAS server supports a broad spectrum of I/O technologies and file-level NAS protocols over iSCSI, Fibre Channel, 10 GbE and Infiniband. Hosting up to 10 drives, the Ti1000p's RAID subsystem supports mixed SAS and SATA arrays to maximize performance and capacity for your application's requirements. A sturdy portable form factor, built-in monitor and keyboard and a remote, web-based management interface allows for rapid deployment and ease of management in any environment.


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Features Overview


  • Designed to plug-in to any network or storage infrastructure
  • Ideally designed for travel and field applications
  • Innovative portable form factor with integrated console for rapid deployment
  • Up to 60 TB with SATA or SAS disks
  • CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, 10GbE and Infiniband connectivity
  • File system data encryption
  • SAN and NAS Connectivity
  • Secure data erasure
  • Remote RAID management of multiple Tn1000p/Ti1000p systems
  • RAID monitoring and e-mail notification
  • Onboard SNMP notification and IPMI management interface
  • Tn1000p Portable Storage Server
    • Easily Integrates into diverse infrastructures.
    • Ideally designed for travel and field applications.
    • Innovative portable form factor with integrated KVM for quick field deployment.


Comparison: Teras Tn1000p and Ti1000p


  • Tn1000p Portable Storage Server
    • Open platform for enterprise Operating Systems
    • Install any software and use any hardware configuration desired
    • Storage connectivity provided through NAS protocols
    • Connect to external storage devices with standard Linux/Windows tools
  • Ti1000p Portable SAN/NAS
    • Integrated with a purpose-built Operating System for SAN-level connectivity (block level or file level storage)
    • Web-based Management Engine
    • SAN I/O Technologies: iSCSI, FC, 10 GbE & Infiniband
    • NAS Protocols: CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, FTPs, AppleTalk
    • Native support for remote replication, volume snapshots, backup agents