Teras T-DDS/T-DDSi Data Docking Station

Teras T-DDS/T-DDSi Data Docking Station

The Teras T-DDS-10 (Data Docking Station) is a high performance storage server built to run enterprise applications. The removable disks can be used to copy information between locations via the T-DDS-10 Portable Storage Server or another T-DDS-10. It can also be configured as an SAN/NAS system (T-DDSi), with a web-based management engine with data replication and snapshot capabilities, ready to serve block-level storage via iSCSI, FC or InfiniBand to Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOS clients.


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Features Overview


  • Up to 60 TB with SATA or SAS disks.
  • Tiered storage allows a mix of SATA/SAS disk arrays.
  • NAS, iSCSI, FC, Infiniband, and 10GbE connectivity.
  • Platform-based disk encryption.
  • SAN and NAS Connectivity
  • Secure Data Erasure
  • Remote RAID management of multiple T-DDS-10 systems.
  • RAID monitoring and e-mail notification.
  • Onboard SNMP notification and IPMI management interface. Lights-out accessibility.
  • Simple, cost-effective NAS/SAN solution for data migration, emergencies, and remote replication.
  • T-DDSi-10 iSCSI SAN
    • Web-based Management Engine
    • SAN: iSCSI, FC, 10 GbE & Infiniband
    • NAS: CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, FTPs, AppleTalk
    • Replication, Snapshots, Backup Agents


Comparison: Teras T-DDS and T-DDSi


  • T-DDS-10 Data Docking Station
    • Open platform for enterprise Operating Systems
    • Install any software and use any hardware configuration desired
    • Storage connectivity provided through NAS protocols
    • Connect to external storage devices with standard Linux/Windows tools
  • T-DDSi-10 SAN/NAS Docking Station
    • Integrated with a purpose-built Operating System for SAN-level connectivity (block level or file level storage)
    • Web-based Management Engine
    • SAN I/O Technologies: iSCSI, FC, 10 GbE & Infiniband
    • NAS Protocols: CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, FTPs, AppleTalk
    • Native support for remote replication, volume snapshots, backup agents