Teras Data Migration Solutions

Teras Data Migration Solutions

Moving large amounts of data is always a sensitive operation. It can be time consuming and data integrity and security are always a concern. MDI has developed a solution that allows large datasets to be migrated between physical locations simply and securely. These high performance servers are capable of running enterprise applications such as Oracle Database and broadly support most interconnects and protocols. Large removable storage elements compartmentalize data for easy shipping or carrying.


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Teras Data Migration Solution Components



The Teras Tn1000p is a mobile data capture system and high performance server built to run enterprise applications. It is ready to 'plug in' to almost any environment, connect to SAN volumes, SMB/CIFS/NFS mounts and DAS equipment to copy information to its removable disks, which are then sent to a remote Tn1000p or T-DDS-10 unit, or shipped with the Tn1000p system to another site. The Tn1000p has an integrated LCD, keyboard and mouse so that it can be deployed with no external peripherals in any space available.


The Teras T-DDS-10 (Data Docking Station) is an identical server to the Tn1000p in a rackmount form factor. The T-DDS is a data hub for dedicated locations, acting as an interface for remotely captured data sets through the application-driven migration task. Disk sets are transportable with lockable, shock-absorbing data disk carriers (T-DDC-10), suited for cross-site shipping and even as a carry-on for air travel, meeting regulations for fitting into overhead compartments and under seats.


This total solution enables our customers to move data in a fashion that suits their application best, certified for use with many operating systems and applications, at speeds supported by high performance I/O such as Infiniband, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 4 to 8 Gigabit Fibre Channel.


Teras Data Migration Features


  • Up to 60 TB with SATA or SAS disks.
  • Tiered storage allows a mix of SATA/SAS disk arrays.
  • NAS, iSCSI, FC, Infiniband, and 10GbE connectivity.
  • Platform-based disk encryption.
  • SAN and NAS Connectivity
  • Secure Data Erasure
  • Remote RAID management of multiple Tn1000p systems.
  • RAID monitoring and e-mail notification.
  • Onboard SNMP notification and IPMI management interface. Lights-out accessibility.
  • Simple, cost-effective NAS/SAN solution for data migration, emergencies, and remote replication.