Software Development Services

Software Development Services

MDI is more than a manufacturer - we offer systems and software development services. Whether you need only minor complimentary services to MDI's products or solutions, or your independent project requires total management from concept to execution and maintenance, MDI can work with you to achieve your goals.


MDI has experience designing and building many kinds of systems for a wide variety of purposes:


  • Database Design, Hosting, and Administration
  • Web Hosting and Administration
  • Server and Network Administration (Windows and Linux)
  • System and Network Monitoring
  • CAD - Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • Documentation and Knowledgebase
  • Manufacturing and Integration Tools
  • Business Process Workflow Tools (ERP, MRP, QA)
  • System Management Tools (Desktop, Web, CLI, API)
  • Systems, Software, or Physical Process Automation
  • Application Integration
  • System, OS, and Software Customization
  • Scripting (Common or Proprietary Languages)
  • Systems and Software Configuration Management
  • Automated Systems and Software Testing
  • Systems and Software Deployment Tools


MDI follows best practices in software development, including:


  • Project Management Portal
  • Documentation / Knowledgebase / Wiki
  • Source / Revision Control
  • Automated Testing
  • Bug Tracking and Support Ticketing


MDI also maintains an Enterprise Resource Planning system called MOMS, where customers have access to product details, delivery records, support tickets, and other important information. MDI offers to customize your access portal to provide any details you may desire, or develop new modules to help you in our cooperative business, such as providing supplier, reseller, or customer access, branding with your name and logo, fleet management, system monitoring, documentation, and other modules.


If your project demands more - please discuss your needs with a sales representative so we can help you save time and money, bring your ideas to market, and enjoy success.