Integration and Service Tools

Integration and Service Tools

Often customers chose MDI because they need a product designed to their specifications for use in their own value-added solutions and they may also have specialized processes that they wish to have applied to their products. To build and support custom products, MDI's engineering team may create integration instructions, specialized test procedures, documentation, knowledge base articles, and even software designed to aid integration and support. All of these items can be accommodated and made available to your service partners or end-users through a secure online customer portal.


Product Integration and Support Guide Software - Highly integrated systems are often very complex and require delicate attention to detail when being built or serviced. To aid integration and service personnel, MDI can design and host a software package to present an interactive visual guide to production integration and support. Elements may include CAD drawings, process diagrams, and 2D or 3D animations for test and assembly instructions. Other elements include connector identification, endpoint indicators, troubleshooting instructions, and other helpful tools. System monitoring can also be integrated with a PISG system to overlay detailed asset and system status information, sensor graphs, diagnostic indicators, and other information critical to support.


Acceptance Test Procedures - All products manufactured by MDI are thoroughly profiled and tested. However, often customers have their own specific integration or test procedures such as certification, diagnostics, software deployment or disk imaging, media testing, high-level functional or integration testing, configuration by remote access, network integration, and other advanced procedures. MDI will accommodate any such procedures desired by the customer.


Integration Documentation - Each product's build process is documented thoroughly with technical instructions and photography to ensure reproducible construction and consistency from one product or batch of products to the next. This documentation is also of great assistance to field service efforts.


End User Documentation - MDI can prepare an exhaustive, professional product handbook for service partners and end-users.


Knowledge Base - A knowledge base (or FAQ) is an online repository of support scenarios that can help your service partners and end-users to resolve problems or find the answers to common questions on their own. Articles are searchable by keywords and may be authored directly through the portal by moderators or community members, allowing your product's supportability to grow organically over time.


Customer and Partner Portals - Customer and Partners often have specific business processes that can be streamlined through mutual online collaboration, centralization, or automation. MDI offers this service to design and host specialized web portals to host those processes. For example, each of the services outlined above can be made available online to partner and customer users.


If any of these tools can help your products to be more supportable and successful, please contact your MDI representative to find out how we can deliver a fully customized product support solution.