Custom Manufacturing & Integration

Custom Manufacturing & Integration

Since 1988, MDI has been providing custom systems design and integration services. Our specialty is integrating the very latest COTS technology into advanced customer applications and quickly adapting its manufacturing processes, all while assuring quality, cost, and on-time delivery.


MDI can save your company money. There is a great deal of overhead involved in even a small-scale manufacturing operation. Launching a project to build custom systems at scale in a cost-efficient way requires floor space, build-up and tear-down time, dedicated personnel, knowledge, buying power, troubleshooting & returns, support, and many other important factors. When a project arises with a need for custom systems, consider letting MDI know your requirements and allow us to provide a quote.


When you work with MDI for your custom manufacturing and integration projects, you can be sure each product is being built following the industry's best manufacturing practices.


  • MDI is ISO 9001:2015 certified by NSAI with the MOMS ERP and Quality Management System.
  • All solutions are designed around customer constraints. Customer collaboration is the key to quality.
  • Business processes and management oversight are enforced at every step.
  • Engineering and design documents are formal processes, revision controlled, recorded digitally, and permanently stored online for management, engineering, and customer review.
  • Design qualification is conducted with a prototype delivered to the customer for acceptance testing and approval, followed by a thorough internal profiling and testing process called MDIM. For a more detailed explanation, see the MDIM Quality Assurance Program section of our web site.
  • Each product design is documented with instructions and photographs, ensuring consistency from build to build.
  • Every product is validated against the original product profile approved by the customer, and each system passes a rigorous physical and functional series of QC checks, stress tests, and any other processes the customer desires. All acceptance testing procedures and test records are maintained permanently for management, engineering, and customer review.
  • MDI's facility is built for ESD protection, scalable and modular production, high throughput, stress testing, and rapid design prototyping & evaluation.
  • MDI takes customer service very seriously, with 24-hour trouble ticketing, depot repair services, root cause analysis, and escalation to manufacturer support. Extended support services are offered. See our support section for more information.


Here are some of the Manufacturing and Integration services MDI provides:


  • MDIM - Product Testing and Certification Process
  • Custom Software Development
  • Production Integration and Support Software
  • Quality Assurance and Test Software
  • Disk Imaging, Automated Installation, and Scripting
  • CAD - Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • Documentation Authoring, Photography and Publication
  • Lab Testing - Thermal, Sound, Power, Shock and Vibration
  • Knowledgebase, Q&A, and FAQ Development
  • Support Ticketing (Tier 1, 2 or 3)
  • On-Site Installation and Troubleshooting
  • E-mail and Phone Support
  • Courier and Logistics Services
  • Specialized Form Factors - Ruggedized, Portable, Small Form Factor
  • Custom Chassis and Power Supplies
  • Customer-Dedicated Manufacturing Floor Space and Storage
  • Consignment Inventory and Stocked Spares
  • Fixtures, Machinery, and Test Stations
  • Customer-Designed Process Training
  • Quality Assurance Process Development
  • Customer-Designed QA Process and Standards Adoption
  • Industry Certification, Standards, and Practices